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5G points the way to life beyond the smartphone

The bandwidth boost that 5G brings might herald the end of the smartphone era.

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Artificial Intelligence Innovation Steered By U.S. and China

In the next five years, internet, financial and eCommerce are probably the biggest industries that will be affected by AI research – those where there are immediate transactions of money.

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Ways the Internet of Things Can Impact Lives

If you’re unfamiliar with what the Internet of things or LOT is, it’s essentially a network of devices that can connect to the Internet and communicate with one another. Things like home appliances, thermostats, and even vehicles can be included in this network and the ramifications of this change are far reaching.

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5G isn't just a buzzword. It will change the world

As the next big thing in the journey of digital transformation, it will undoubtedly disrupt the way we live and work.

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Top 8 Payment Authentication Tools for 2019

The internet and mobile economy have been going through a boom in the last few years. As a result, the online identity authentication industry is growing and evolving quickly.

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New AI Computer Vision System Mimics How Humans Visualize and Identify Objects

Researchers from UCLA Samueli School of Engineering and Stanford have demonstrated a computer system that can discover and identify the real-world objects it "sees" based on the same method of visual learning that humans use.

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How Financial Marketers Can Bridge the ‘Digital Trust Gap’

In the digital era, every consumer navigates their own individualized buying journey using multiple channels to interact with various financial brands. Typically, they conduct a ton of research on their own before they are ready to engage. Why?

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How Businesses Can Use AI to Improve Personalization Right Now

Here are some of the ways that AI can be used right now to drive personalized customer experiences, and where it may turn up next.

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Customer Journey by Customer Expectations

Customers in 2019 expect you to be communicative, knowledgeable, understanding and to engage. They want to feel they are doing business with a human being.

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Top 10 Digital Banking, Technology and CX Stories of 2018

Here are the biggest stories about digital transformation and disruption published by The Financial Brand that captured the banking industry's attention in 2018.

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