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Chatbot and Customer Service; How Technology Is Helping To Increase Engagement

Ever since chatbots have introduced, they are changing the way brands interact with customers. A survey by Oracle says that 80% brands plan on using chatbots by 2020.

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Top 5 ways the finance industry can prepare for AI

Processes that are already seen as the norm in the financial services industry, such as fraud detection and stock trading, are made possible by AI, and financial institutions are increasingly looking to AI to aid further operations.

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Finland’s new cryptocurrency regulation forces AML on industry

Cryptocurrency businesses in Finland will now have to register with the country’s financial watchdog.

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Germany sees card payments overtake cash

Germany, one of Europe's last bastions of cash, has seen card payments eclipse traditional cash-based payments for the first time according to a new study.

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Blockchain-based ID verification system goes live in Canada

A blockchain-based digital identity verification network has launched in Canada with the backing of several major financial institutions.

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TagNitecrest begins manufacture of biometric payment cards in the UK

North West based, plastic card manufacturer, Nitecrest Group, are pioneering new Biometrics technology creating some of the first wave of fingerprint activated payment cards.

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AI has the potential to enrich our lives in so many ways – if we use it properly

Let the machines take care of the distractions, while we concentrate on what is really important to us as humans.

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How Wikipedia is using machine learning to spot missing citations

One of the more compelling use cases for AI is automating mission-critical tasks that humans don’t want to do, or can’t do. Wikipedia ran into just such a problem with its citations.

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How IoT technology continues to drive smart building innovation

Commercial buildings are getting smarter. They now include a growing variety of technologies that are part of the Internet of Things (IoT) phenomena.

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10 ways central banks are experimenting with blockchain

While research and experimentation with blockchain technology across sectors has been underway for several years, few organizations have deployed it.

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