Internal and external payments

A simple and easy way to transfer money inside or outside Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania

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Internet Banking

Manage all your payments with ease

Make domestic payments to new or existing beneficiaries inside or outside Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania in a few simple steps.

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Discover the key features

  • Straightforward payments

    You can complete your payment orders with a few simple steps. Don’t have time to finish a transaction? Just save it as draft and complete it later. Do you want to make a payment on a specific date? You can schedule your payments for a later value date.

  • Multiple payments in an instant

    Save time and approve multiple payments in the Multiple Internal Transfers section simultaneously. You can debit or credit up to 5 different accounts at one time.

  • Hassle-free recurring payments

    What’s the best way to make recurring payments such as paying your rent or your loan installment? Set up a Standing Order and have these payments executed automatically for you. Define the amount, period and frequency of the payment according to your needs. You can view, modify and cancel the Standing Order whenever you want.

  • With less typing

    Your Beneficiary list can help you complete your payments in no time. Add and save the beneficiary data in Beneficiary Maintenance and forget the hassle of entering details by hand any time you make a payment to a recurring partner. When making a payment in Internet Banking, try the Save as Template option for an even faster completion of the payment order. Thanks to this feature you can easily retrieve already used payment information for future transactions.

Banking made easy.

Enjoy simplicity in your banking.

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