Security key

Your key to online banking

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Internet Banking

Security key brings you security and peace of mind when banking online

No more worries about the security of your transactions. Security key is a physical token device which enables you to access online banking and authorize your online transactions via a strong, secure authentication process.


Discover the key features

  • Safe and secure

    Security key offers added security by numerous features such us lock-out after 3 consecutive password errors or randomized onscreen keyboard for safer insertion of your credentials in Internet Banking.

  • Easy-to-use

    Just click on the OK button of your Security key and a 6-digit one-time password will be generated for your online banking operations. The password is displayed on the screen of the device for 30 seconds. If you need another one-time password, just hit the OK button again.

Banking made easy.

Enjoy simplicity in your banking.

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